Restructuring and Insolvency

Business corporations at some stage in their lifecycle will experience challenges to business stability and might face the stress of insolvency. During such periods, businesses need specialist advice to make appropriate decisions on how to rescue failing companies or to handle those that cannot be saved from insolvency. We at TENK are experts in assisting clients in relation to matters of restructuring, bankruptcy and liquidation.

Our clients, when acting as creditors with insolvent debtors, also need solutions most appropriate for the given distressed situation. The selection of the most appropriate procedure is paramount in relation to the successful enforcement of our clients' claims. Therefore, the consulting activity of our lawyers spans the entire range of claims enforcement procedures from court collection procedures to the representation of our clients' interests in bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings.

The restructuring and liquidation lawyers at TENK have over 10-15 years of experience and have provided legal representation both to creditors and debtors, as well as to liquidators and bankruptcy trustees. As a result of our extensive experience in this area, our clients can always be assured of being supported by a legal team that is ready and able to provide tailor-made legal solutions and business strategies in their interests.

Through our international network we can help our clients not only in domestic but also in cross-border insolvency proceedings both within Europe and in North America.

Our restructuring and liquidation activities include the followings:

  • Financial and corporate restructuring of business enterprises
  • Dissolution of companies
  • Advising creditors and debtors in bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings
  • Representation in court collection procedures
  • Representation in enforcement procedures