Our energy lawyers have outstanding experience in the electricity and natural gas sectors. The extensive knowledge of the industry ensures, that we understand our clients' specific business interests and needs, and allows us to perform our consulting activities with maximum consideration of these requirements and at the same time in compliance with all applicable regulations and sector specific constraints.

The head of our energy practice has more than 15 years of experience in the electricity and natural gas sector, and has provided advice relating to sector-specific regulatory issues, commercial, investment and acquisition issues, and were involved in the settlement of complex out-of-court and arbitration disputes for and on behalf of key players in the industry, including electricity transmission and natural gas transmission system operators, natural gas producers, natural gas and electricity trading companies and power plants.

We have extensive experience in relation to the Hungarian and European Union regulations of the electricity and natural gas sectors, and we regularly provide advice to our clients regarding their interpretation and application.

The activities of our energy lawyers include the following areas:

  • Consultation on the interpretation and application of sector-specific regulations
  • Compliance related advice
  • Representation in licensing cases before the Hungarian Energy and Public Utilities Regulatory Office
  • Preparation and review of various end-user and wholesale gas and electricity sales and other sector-specific agreements
  • Preparation and review of GTCs and General Terms of Business